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FREE Shipping. 3 of the heat lamps did not work for a while but one is still working. Application: Repair a Bathroom Light Circuit and Bath Exhaust Fan Problem. You could double check the circuit breakers, sometimes they appear to be ON but may be tripped, however if that is so then the cause needs to be identified. Joined: 9 Sep 2005 Messages: 84 Thanks Received: 1 Country: recently moved into a house and the bathroom mirror light isn't working. Diamond X Collection www.illuminated Model: | Clock Slim LED Mirrors INSTRUCTION MANUAL 2 Clock Slim LED Mirrors with Demister Pad and Sensor (Model Numbers: 100877 K182, K184, K186, K188, K190, K192, K194) Thank you for purchasing our illuminated mirror(s). The receptacle next to the light switch is working. Switching a breaker into the OFF position and then back ON will ensure a reset. If the GFCI does not reset then the GFCI outlet may need to be replaced. 4.3 out of 5 stars 169. Backlit mirrors add a decorative ambiance to any room’s décor. It would be good to know if this is a new installation or not, and more details about the installation would be helpful. Many bathroom outlets may be wired with a separate circuit and may not branch to the light and exhaust fan. This is your bathroom life at pretty much any public place: at the toilet, urinal, faucet, soap dispenser, and air dryer, waving your hands, praying it will work. i also checked the fuse box downstairs, and that was fine. No results. Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by GB111, Jul 29, 2009. 4.5 out of 5 stars 183. When we tested the black wire and white wire both read 120 volts. I am attaching link to a small video I uploaded to vidme I made showing this crazy phenomenon. Sometimes a breaker can trip without being obvious. This electrical wiring question came from Beki in Henderson, Nevada. I turn off the heat and use the light instead. Bathroom Mirror Placement Question #2. The GFCI outlet in the bathroom still works but must be on a different circuit. If the light is separate from the fan and there is no power to the switch then pull the fixture and check the splice connections. Licensed Electrician Reveals the Secrets of Successful Electrical Troubleshooting Methods used to solve the majority of the home electrical problems and wiring failures encountered. I know mirrors come with lights that... Log in or Sign up. This may be corrected when the power circuit and the light fixture wiring has been identified at each location, and then the appropriate wiring connections are made to each light switch. The features and benefits of GFCI outlets and receptacles will give you a clear understanding of the importance why these safety devices are required by code to help protect you and your family against accidental electrical shock hazards. FREE Delivery by Amazon. Thanks for your help!! I am having a problem with the light in my bathroom. Please register to our new website, and add your listing, forum thread about it is HERE. Home Forums > Screwfix Community Forum > Electricians' Talk > Bathroom wave on light switch. Hi my bathroom has four heat lamps with an exhaust fan and a light in the middle. The LED converter may have overheated and its over temperature protection has shut it down. Thanks for your replies. Aside from that, again, thank you for quick response! Not only is a bathroom mirror an important fixture in any bathroom, they can also reflect your individuality and become a real centrepiece of the room. If the GFCI does not reset then the GFCI outlet may need to be replaced. The wiring diagrams section has detailed light switch wiring examples that may assist you. I pulled the string and the light came on but it didn't click. So I did. Bathroom remodel designed by Kendle Design Collaborative. What is going on? Then turn the light on, loosen the bulb enough that it turns off, and then turn the bulb just until it turns on. Last night my bathroom light and fan wouldn’t go on. So the light on the gfi is on but when we turn the light switch on (there are two switches)it flashes on and then trips the breaker box. Don’t cinch it down tight, but tighten it enough … I had forgot to turn off the power at the electrical panel and there was just a little spark–I know, Be Careful. An LED bathroom mirror also sometimes called an LED vanity mirror is the perfect idea for anyone who wants an upscale look but also demands function. Two 48″ tubes. 46. LED Bathroom mirror was left on overnight and the LEDs now fail to illuminate. And. Standard light switches that are used for a heat lamp tend to produce an arc between the internal contacts of the switch, and over time the switch may stop working. Frameless LED bathroom mirror 72-in Siver Rectangular Frameless Lighted LED Bathroom Mirror. I have a bathroom mirror that has a G10q T9 32w Circular Fluorescent tube in it - which needed replacing, I bought a new tube and installed it. We want to see our face clearly, so the face needs to be surrounded by a soft, shadow-free light. If the bathroom time switch or occupancy sensor has been existing for a while and operating fine but has now begun to malfunction then it is possible that the time switch is now faulty and needs to be replaced. This electrical wiring question came from Ingrid, a Homeowner from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I Hope this helps, Lights not working in one of those bathrooms. Wire your illuminated mirror to the mains supply (a). To test the mirror’s circuit, you … 41 creative led mirror design ideas elegant 600 x 800 mm vertical led bathroom mirror the best bathroom mirrors with built in . Our illuminated bathroom mirror has stopped lighting. Hi Al, I hope this helps, None of the GFI’s show tripped, but I reset anyway. I even tried replacing the light but that did not work either so I gave up. For example, on set of wires may be wired to the switch, therefore the wiring connections will need to be configured accordingly. I try the same light bulb in the other bathroom and it work. If any of them have a GFCI then press the Reset button. My downstairs bathroom lights and outlets in the neighboring bedroom stopped working. If the GFCI breaker does not reset then there may be a fault within the bathroom circuit wiring, or the GFCI circuit breaker may faulty and require replacing. JavaScript is disabled. LED Bathroom Mirror/ LED Vanity Mirror. How can I go about troubleshooting this? Place the mirror on the floor, face down on the carpet or soft surface, . 1 of 2 Go to page. Photography by Ilya’s Photography. The breaker is on and I have power to the switch in the bathroom. LED Vanity Lights 3-Lights, Joosenhouse Wall Sconces Bath Light for Mirror in Home Bathroom Up or Down Vanity Wall Lighting Fixtures 21.26 Inches Long Chrome 4000K. Hi Eddie, Regular Price: £42.90 . I also looked at the main power box, it shows the bathroom runs off a 15 amp breaker. Could this be the fuse. Installing our LED illuminated mirrors is easy, with minimal wiring involved due to our energy-efficient 12v DC power supply. The trim should not sit flush with the ceiling and the recessed light fixture. I thought that would be the hard bit lol had problems with this bathroom ever since it was fitted. Went upstairs and bathroom fans in 2 bathrooms not working. You are using an out of date browser. Bathroom and Bedroom Lights are Not Working. Start With the Ceiling and Vanity Lighting, Then Work Your Way Down. The problem with the circuit is best identified and repaired by a qualified electrician. This project had a lot roadblocks along the way, but the final version of the mirror came out great! Estimated Time: Depends on personal level experience, ability to work with hand tools and electrical troubleshooting skills. for pricing and availability. Compare; Multiple Options. It’s all a process of elimination, but yes – you have to know where to start, and of course that is always at the electrical panel and identifying the circuit. I bought new bulbs and replaced them but the light is still not working. Black to black and white to white. Last night in my daughter’s bathroom I heard a humming noise. A backlit mirror, however, offers the same amount of light but looks so much better while doing it. Junction box has 3 wires one side, 4 wires other side. I originally thought the bulb just burnt out until my wife told me the next morning that the bathroom fan wouldn’t turn on either, and i don’t think the bathroom is even on a separate breaker from the bedroom (its an ensuite bathroom of the master bedroom) and i still have power in the bedroom as well as the rest of the house, im at a loss… Any suggestions? I gave it a big tug and the light went off but it didn't click and now i can't switch it on again. There is a good possibility that the lights and fans are not on the GFCI circuit of the bathrooms. I have a recessed fluorescent fixture in my bathroom over the mirror. No circuit breakers blown and I tested and reset the GFCI but still no lights. Detailed Electrical Wiring Diagrams and Pictures assist your Home Electrical Projects. There is no power to the switch either. Any suggestions will help. At the GFCI outlet for the bathroom press the Test button, then the Reset Button. Which is why some members of the general public dont like calling electricians .....FFS guys these are potential future clients. We had to replace the old receptacle with a gfi, however the light and fan weren’t working at all anyway. The light switch should be tested to see if it is getting power to one of the terminals. I have replaced the bulb (actually twice just to make sure) and it is still not working. Faulty connections or wiring should be repaired using approved electrical parts of the same circuit ratings. There will be a TEST button near the switch of the circuit breaker. The light fixtures that are not working would be a good place to begin checking with the circuit turned off. 10 February 2016 at 5:48PM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving 12 replies 14.5K views Be Safe and Turn Off the Circuit During the Work. My Illuminated LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet has a infrared motion sensor switch. The mirror has a built in heater and this seems to still be working as is the on/off sensor. Go. If a bulb inside recessed light fixtures does not turn on, then there is typically a problem with either the bulb or the socket. Unplug them. Hi Dave. Shows the side with only one wire as the black painted screw onto brass, with the two wires side being the copper screw side. China 95 265v 650 850mm 3000 6000k Led Bathroom Mirror Light With New Touch On Waterproof. I also have power to the light fixture but the light still does not come on. The lights suddenly quit working the other night, as well as the light over the shower. Discuss LED Bathroom Mirror - Lights not functioning in the Electrical Forum area at, Reply to LED Bathroom Mirror - Lights not functioning in the Electrical Forum area at I suspect there is a problem with the circuit wiring, and the problem may be found at a connection or splice up inside one of the junction boxes of a light fixture, very possibly in the bathroom. Initially I thought the sensor switch was faulty, passing my hand over the switch didnt always make the light come on. When my wife turned on a hairdryer the power went out in that room and one other in the house (both are bathrooms). Led Bathroom Mirror Lights Not Working. $149.99 $ 149. What else could it be? First off, thank you so much for the quick reply! Lindby. I then try the heat lamp again and still flicker and makes funny noises then die. I have a 1975 townhouse, and as a single mom I find myself having to learn and do a lot of things by myself. How to Install Bathroom Lighted Mirror? Old had one black on top brass screw, and red wire on lower brass screw. 4.7 out of 5 stars 122. I had an electrician come over and he removed the wall plate for the light and fan switches and “pulled out” the switches. They are on the same circuit. If your bathroom lights flicker, there are usually several inexpensive things you can check. Q: You say how high to hang bathroom vanity fixtures, but I need to know how far away from the mirror they should be.. A: You have some flexibility with the distance off the mirror.It is the distance off the floor (5 feet 6 inches to the center of the luminous source) and the distance apart (3 feet apart; 1 foot 6 inches on either side of the mirror) that are the important components. In order to fix cabinet bathroom light fixtures, you'll need to understand the basic skills involved in repairing broken light fixtures.As a general rule, if one of your bathroom light fixtures is not operating properly, the cause can usually be narrowed down to three reasons: the bulb is bad, the circuit breaker or fuse is causing issues, or the switch is the problem. If there is power then the light bulb may be out. One or more of the wires that lead to the bathroom lights may not have been connected as they were before. Hi Brian, Contact us for Advertising/Sponsorship info, People Seeking Electrical Jobs / Employment, Apply to Gain Access to Trainee-Only Forum. It’s a single switch that operates the light fixture and ceiling fan. My daughter’s bathroom has both a fan and light switch (single-pole wall switch). I have been researching I think it has to do with the GFCI am I on the right track? I also changed the light switch with no results. This list of articles will help you learn about the features and benefits provided by GFI and GFCI Receptacles and how they are wired. I replaced the switch (3-wire)120V wit the same style that I removed. Believe it or not, I have been paid to discover that a customer’s light bulb was burnt out, and one time the customer’s light switch was in the off position – true story, the customer insisted that I bill him due to his oversight. Dave. The 15 and 20 amp circuit breakers should be double checked to see if one is tripped, but may appear to be in the ON position. Please help. Dave. They worked last night. If not the GFCI still may have a problem – maybe. 2 wires on the side and one in the back.Any ideas?Perhaps I bought a faulty light switch. My husband and i are having a really difficult time trying to get the bathroom light and fan working. Is it because. How Can I Fix a Bathroom Light Fixture and Bath Exhaust Fan that Stopped Working? The illuminated mirror in my bathroom has stopped lighting but the incorporated shaver socket is working . Dave. The power source to the hallway light should be from a non-switched power source. Thanks, Hi Sunni, I have a bathroom light and a bedroom ceiling fan/light not working. I change the bulb on the light and it still not working. Hi Nick, Ive said it before why be so cocky to potential customers and yes i do think the general public read the forum and what an impresion they must get from some members. Dave. Electrical Safety Articles covering several topics of home electrical safety and Do-It-Yourself Electrical Safety. If you choose to use a mirror you already have and it’s not a floating mirror, create space behind your mirror by installing either spacers or mounting bars. Then I turned the breaker back on. The light that is part of the exhaust fan is not working. I wonder if the circuit has RCD protection? You can see their bulbs in the mirror and they take up valuable head space in a bathroom with low ceilings. We have no light in three bedrooms and a bathroom. I hope this helps, The mirror is powered from a perm live feed taken from the lighting circuit. When you place it away from the mirror the sensor starts working just fine. I reset the circuit breaker and now my bathroom is dead and there are no lights or plugs working. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. There is a triple switch and everything else is working accept the light fixture on the wall. If the switch does have power then turn it on – is there power to the other terminal? Its a really old townhouse, so, no GFCI outlet.. Fully Explained Light Switch Wiring Diagrams. I fit a lot of led lights in shop display lights, buy your self a 60w or 5a led driver off eBay for about 7 quid if it's the sort of mirror, heater, light, shaver type I'm thinking of you'll be able to remove the old and glue one of these in. Fix a Bathroom Light Fixture Special Price £33.90 . In this case, I’d do a bath light type of fixture, centered above the mirror. Let the bulb cool down enough that you can touch it comfortably. At the GFCI outlet for the bathroom press the Test button, then the Reset Button. Therefore attention should be given to the circuit which provides power to these devices to make sure there is not an overloaded condition. Dave. I opened it up and tried to pull the black wire and it made sparks. Warmiehomy LED Bathroom Mirror with Lights Sensor Switch Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Demister Pad for Makeup Cosmetic. Lindby. To install our LED illuminated wall hung mirrors – Remove the mirror cabinet or LED illuminated mirror from the packaging carefully. and you were about to try ScrewFix. Best Answer. Reconnect the demister cable (b). I’m stumped…what do you think the problem could be? Then turn the bulb about one more turn. Thank you for sharing your electrical question with us, Dave. The electrical outlets in all 3 bathrooms work, just not the lights. These four screws can be adjusted to align the LED lights with the frame. Electrical Question: How can I fix a light fixture that shorted out and will not come on? Don't you just love half stories...:rolleyes4: Sorry, have I said something wrong here Archy? 80. The GFI in the garage normally does not feed power into the bathrooms, but still I am glad you have found the solution. The Most Common Problems with Bathroom Light Fixtures and How You Can Fix Them. 96. ... All of a sudden the light did not work anymore, no previous signs something was getting old, (the light was not struggling like in your case). From what you have described the electrical wiring of the two bathrooms has been configured incorrectly. Out of warranty also. A successful bathroom lighting plan has multiple light sources, including both overhead and task, with good task lighting at the sink and mirror being key. I changed out the old switch, wired it same way. I have now bookmarked your site. The light has none. Dave. The mirror has a built in heater and this seems to still be working as is the on/off sensor. This electrical wiring project is best performed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor or Certified Electrician. Wall mounted and ceiling mounted light fixtures may produce a lot of heat from the light bulbs that can lead to damaged wire insulation, bad wire splices, and burnt wire connections. GB111 New Member. I have disconnected the bathroom light and attached another light and nothing. If there were more than one set of black and white wires in the light box then the configuration of the circuit will need to be identified. Carefully check all the light bulbs to make sure they are firmly installed and not loose. The light was fine when I turned it on again. The electrical wiring of the bathroom circuit should be verified and identified using a voltage tester to make sure the circuit wiring meets the requirements for the time switch to operate properly. But it stopped working. Impact-resistant Wilmersdorf LED wall light IP54. Attention should focus on the wiring methods, and the electrical connections to each light fixture, as well as the switches. Hi Delivery time: 10-14 working days-20 % . Other switch does nothing. Dave’s Reply: If the circuit breaker is tripped the switch will be in the middle position. However heat lamps typically pull a higher watt load, in some cases 250watts each, so conceivable there could be a 1000watt load just with the heat lamps alone. Old switch is the opposite of modern? Make sure additional circuit breakers have not tripped off, if so reset them and check the devices. Im thinking it would need to have an adjustable mounting area within the ba... Apollo Circular Bathroom Light How To Open. Dave. I’ve checked the circuit breakers, turned everything in the house off and then on again, but still no lights in the bathroom. It may be that one of the wires is not fully inside a wire connector all the way. The wiring should be checked where the connections were made while replacing the bathroom vent. It may not display this or other websites correctly. There is a GFI breaker which has electricity and works but will not reset. Quavikey 1,716 views I am curreently looking at doing up my bathroom and wondered if you can get a hand wave on light switch in chrome. If this is a new time switch or occupancy sensor that has just been installed then the wiring connections should be compared with the installation instructions which came with the switch. When you stand in front of a bathroom mirror, light leaves your face, heads towards the mirror surface and then bounces back towards you. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18. Many thanks. Can you help? Fully Explained Photos and Wiring Diagram Layouts for Bathroom Electrical Wiring with Code Requirements for most new or remodel projects. Dave. The power source to the hallway light is being controlled by the bathroom light switch, therefore the electrical wiring for the hallway light has to be changed. Bathroom Light Not Centered Over Sink. An inspection of the light fixture electrical wiring will be necessary to reveal the problem so specific repairs can be made. Make sure the light bulbs of the fixture are the appropriate size to prevent overheating and further damage. As the OP asked the LED part not working what has RCD protection got to do with it. Hi Leeanna, I replaced the bulbs but that still didn’t work. The fan in her Room never went on, and our bathroom on the main floor. The moment I place the led strip under the mirror (the led strip does not touch the mirror and is a good 2-3 inches below the mirror) the sensor refuses to switch off. Screwfix Community Forum . Popular Posts. My bathroom light stopped working last week and all the hall light went out as well but I managed to sort that out be tightening the block connector within the bathroom switch witch had 3 black wires going to it. If you have one switch that controls two heat lamps there may be a potential load of 500 watts just for that individual switch, and that will definitely stress the switch and cause it to wear out in short order. Lights that hang over your mirror can be a bit of an eye sore. Can you help. The electrical outlet works as I plugged my electric shaver in and it does work. Birdie, It sounds like the switch for the light is bad and needs to be replaced. Getting yourself ready for the day can take effort, but the job is easier with adequate lighting at the bathroom vanity. Waiting for all the special location, ip protection comments now! Repeat the steps of replacing the bathroom vent and making up any wire connections. Hi Cassie, Dave. I twisted off the base and it had an earth and 2 red wires. Model #MD04-7236SF2. Thanks very much Brian, The illuminated mirror in my bathroom has stopped lighting but the incorporated shaver socket is working . I turn on the fan switch and it still work. I prefer sconces typically, but that wouldn’t work so easily here. Compare; Find My Store. Make sure the light is turned off and carefully touch the bulb to make sure it is cool. I have a bathroom mirror that has a G10q T9 32w Circular Fluorescent tube in it - which needed replacing, I bought a new tube and installed it. £154.96 £ 154. In this situation, the homeowner had the new sconces she wanted to use. This electrical wiring question came from Chandy, a Handyman in Chandler, Arizona. If the GFCI resets OK then see if the bathroom light fixture is working. The light fixture and light bulbs are no older than 6 years. 63288. Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced. B1. I am not sure what to do next. Circuit box does not show anything tripped. The GFI works, please help. Still no power in either room. To reset the GFCI circuit breaker push the switch into the full OFF position, then push the switch into the ON position.
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