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If you're looking to present an image of strength, to feel more vigorous, or simply more confident, here are 8 reasons red coral is the stone for you. Gemstones News: benefits of red coral gemstone, benefits of wearing red coral stone - According to Vedic astrology, gemstones play a significant role in our lives. Instead you can wear Red Coral which will help to get rid of stress and tension. The stone brings harmony in family life and enhances charm in marital life. The red coral stone (Moonga) only reflects its effective positive powers if a user purchases and wear a natural coral stone. You can of course use Red coral as a pendant. Never fear! What this basically means is that astrologers may sometimes recommend those suffering from anxiety or other mental health issues to wear the red coral. Triangular red coral – moonga price starts from INR 500 to around INR 3000per carat in India. [Click To Know Red Coral Properties]. The Red coral should be worn in the ring finger. Tag: benefits of wearing red coral on index finger. Pair the right necklace of red coral beads with your outfit, and feel more motivated to smartly walk yourself over to his desk. Hence, the stone bears qualities of a leader and imparts the same into its wearer. Red coral is believed to increase energy and bring events to completion. Indian astrologists say the red coral represents the "Mangalya Balam." Well, if your horoscope shows that you are in an adverse position with Mars, (again, the god associated with red coral), these negative traits may worsen. Sun is the king of the 9 planets that influence human destiny and Sun is a friend of Mars. Since wearing a synthetic coral stone will instead of bringing any positive results to initiate to work against its wearer. Red coral is believed to increase energy and bring events to completion. Red coral is the powerfull gemstone of Mars Planet (Mangal Grah). GemPundit has a team of learned astrologer who will guide Wearing a ring on the middle finger means the following: Wearing red coral may also help: support marital life; defeat mental depression; protect women from widowhood; stop nightmares; aid meditation and happiness; avoid violence, war, and accidents; Astrological Effects of Red Coral It is, thus, having quality of leadership, wisdom, confidence, and spirituality too. Red Coral is associated with Mars (Mangal), the fourth planet of the universe. Many ancient cultures wore red coral beads in an attempt to heal their sick by improving circulation. Next time you have a family get together with nerve-grinding in-laws, perhaps wearing your red coral could ward off some of the gloom. Coral is called ‘Moonga’ in Hindi. Red coral or moonga is one of those gemstones, which are respected for their therapeutic profits. Coral can be worn in Gold, Copper or Silver. Benifits Health Effects: According to Hindu mythology, the stone is worn to please the planet Mars (Mangal). Red Coral is worn in Ring Finger. It is associated with Planet ‘Mars’. Wearing a ring on this finger may also heal your liver, stomach, and respiratory system related problems. General Benefits of Wearing Red Coral. Many new age practitioners believe that wearing red coral also provides a level of healing properties. Red coral is believed to increase the longevity of marriages and even ward off widowhood from the wife. Middle finger. One feels energetic, strong willed and confident while performing any sort of task in daily life. Red Coral should be worn on Tuesday. A person in whose birth chart Mars (Mars) is lord (Swami) of an auspicious house should wear Red Coral Gemstone. February 7, 2015. hi i am 18/04/1990 aries married recently and previously i dont believe in stones benefits but my father want that i should wear and i m wearing red coral in right hand in ring finger and pukhraj in index finger right hand …but there is lot of missunderstanding between me and my hubby…pls suggest me which finger n hand should i wear But what else does wearing red coral do for the woman who wears it? The cosmic yellow color reflected by Red Coral is related to the spinal system including blood, lymph nodes, bone marrow and the head. For more interesting reads on other beautiful gemstones, check out our blog post on the amazing properties and symbolism of amber. This is sandip Chakraborty dob 03/01/1978 2.30 pm wearing opal in index, emerald in little of the right hand & red coral in the ring finger of the left hand, Sir, please suggest or rectify Reply Delete If you're on the superstitious side, this believed quality of red coral may be legitimately interesting to you. The index finger represents the self. Benefits of Opal – Opal gemstone strengthens Venus, which is the ruler of Relationships and Luxury in Astrology. Index finger is also relates to the energy of the planet Jupiter and having qualities that Jupiter possesses. Wearing Coral enhances the effect of Mars on one’s life. Published on JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Polyps are tiny invertebrates and live in the depths (20-1000 ft) beneath sea bed in quiet waters. It can help catalyze needed action on the part of the wearer. Yellow sapphire should be worn on this finger. This ring should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand on a Tuesday Morning during Shukla Paksha before sunrise. Saturn controls the middle finger. When you wear red coral, you wear vitality, energy, and ambition. So, you should wear a red coral in the neck that should be at least 10 carats in weight to bring positive result. If Mars is lord (Swami) of the inauspicious house in a birth chart (Kundali), it will be harmful for the native to wear Red Coral Gemstone. Some even say that because red coral is made from a living organism from the ocean, the stone helps promote peace and protect the wearer from more general negative influences. Are you short-tempered, impatient, or easily offended? Therefore, wearing Opal brings concord and satisfaction in relationships and helps in achieving a more fulfilling life which is full of charm, art, grace, culture and luxury. Its strongly advised to be as a single locket of red coral and pukhraj in 18K gold or copper otherwise the wearer can wear yellow sapphire pokhraj in index finger of either hand and the moonga in the ring finger of either hand. Meaning of Ring on Middle Finger. Are you one that tends to procrastinate? LikeRead more It's only natural that such a gem would inherently equate confidence and courage. This stunning stone made from the remains of coral polyps, symbolizes the god of war, Mars. In our planet hierarchy, there is a total of 9 planets, out of which, Mars is the god of warfare and the commander of armies of God. My DOB is 9th Feb 1981 at 5:00 AM , New Delhi I have been advised to wear 1) Pukhraj in Right Index Finger 2) Ruby in Right Ring Finger and Red Coral also in Ring Finger (Right preferably) Can some one wear all 3 stones together? Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology list many benefits of the Red Coral Gemstone. However, it is advised to wear little bigger stone when used as a pendant. Because a red coral stone ring contains several toxic elements that may confine its functionality. Let’s have a look at the top 10 benefits. One feels energetic, strong willed and confident while performing any sort of task in daily life. The wearing of red coral during these times is supposed to help temper such negative feelings and behaviors. With the high energy qualities of this gem, any hesitation you may be struggling with can be overcome. Wear the right gemstone on the right finger on the right day to avoid tensions in life! Hence Red Coral is beneficial if … Natural Red Coral from the warm waters of Italy is considered to be the best. It is also associated with increased physical strength and sexual desire. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. you in choosing the most suitable astrological gemstones With its vibrant color and strength, it creates an air of action on the part of the wearer. Many astrologists attest that those who wear red coral jewelry are more easily able to get out of debt. If that's not enough healing for you, red coral is also considered by astrologers as a positive mental health stone. Index finger influences the wearer’s ability to lead and it rules ego, success, and spirituality. According to astrology, Indexing finger is for Planet Jupiter and yellow sapphire gemstone should be worn on this finger. The ring finger represents the energies of the Sun. The color changes if the wearer is about to suffer from illness in future. Wearing red coral is considered a method for the wearer to successfully overcome "enemies" or obstacles. 1. Red Coral develops winning qualities in the wearer and makes them assertive. It helps cure smallpox, fever, jaundice, blood diseases, anaemia, typhoid, bile problems and many more. Index finger. It also helps in enhancing the self-confidence and administrative capabilities of the wearer. Imitation red coral: Must and Most Care in Purchase Time for Imitation red coral. The change can be realized in all spheres of life. Red coral is also able to prevent miscarriages if used after three months of pregnancy. The planet Moon is Marak planet. on the basis of your birth-details. Do you have a project or goal you just haven't finished? So, if your marriage or romantic relationship could use a spark of fresh life, try fitting some more red coral pieces into your wardrobe. Astrologers will often recommend an inactive marriage partner to wear red coral as a way to increase their desire for love and their strength in the relationship. You read that right. This finger relates to the stomach or respiratory system. Who Can Wear Red Coral Stone: Red coral or moonga stone is precious stone which can be worn by the ascendant of each sign to obtain benefits of red coral … Do you want to strengthen saturn? This is an astonishing natural gemstone (as opposed to a mineral one), structured by the skeletons of coagulated marine creatures called polyps. It is beneficial for people with zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. How To Wear Red Coral: The Moonga or Red Coral gemstone can be made into a ring or a pendant with gold, silver or in panchdhatu. Wearing red coral with pearl can be … The blood-red colored coral stone is in huge demand for its astonishing impact on the wearer. With its vibrant color and strength, it creates an air of action on the part of the wearer. Regardless of your current horoscope, or if you believe in the effects of certain gems on their wearer or not, red coral jewelry is a timeless addition to any classy wardrobe. Published on It is also easy to dress up or dress down depending on the occasion you feel to sport it. The red colour would act like mars on saturn but maybe in a positive way so if lacking in energy it may help to focus endurence/resolve in health issues? Hence, it is not recommend to wear pearl. Some believe red coral can aid in the healing of everything from bad skin, to weak blood, to cuts or scrapes. When you wear red coral, you wear vitality, energy, and ambition. General Benefits of Wearing Red Coral. Red Coral Stone is the planetary stone for Mars (Mangal). Red Coral Benefits Usage. The Red Coral stone makes the wearer dynamic, energetic and confident in due course of time. So... got a major board meeting coming up and need to impress the CEO? One should wear the stone on a Tuesday morning, preferably one hour after sunrise. When a coral polyp dies, its skeletal remains form a calcareous deposit which then transform into the Red Coral. Unlike other colorful gems, red coral is easy to match with a variety of outfits. Hence, the red coral can bring with it an ability to logically approach unfinished tasks. This stunning stone made from the remains of coral polyps, symbolizes the god of war, Mars. Also known as Moonga, the gemstone helps in minimizing the negative effects of the planet. They are even associated with the curing of sterility or bone maladies. Wear red coral. Wearing a ring on the left middle finger represents the ability to tell right from wrong. The ring finger is known as Anamika in Hindi and Sanskrit. In this topic, we will discuss the combined use of the Coral and the yellow sapphire gemstone. People connect this finger with Mercury who is the energy of communication. Wearing a Right Gemstone In Right Finger on Appropriate Time can Bring Drastic Changes.  Coral gemstones The red coral gemstone, also known as … It is beneficial for professional growth in various fields such as surgeons, policeman, soldiers etc. The red coral gemstone is said to help regulate high blood pressure and is believed to be good for the heart. With all that increased confidence, it's only natural that your ability to overcome obstacles or challenges will be enhanced also. The red planet Mars is known as the leader of the planets in the solar system. If someone is worried about the marriage or the job of their children, Red Coral is known to resolve all their worries. How do i know if i should wear a coral gemstone or not? The red coral gemstone is the symbol of the royal god of war, Mars. Oct 11, 2013. This belief coincides well with the idea that red coral provides new zest and verve to the wearer. Many believe there are tangible benefits to donning this beautiful coral stone. Among it's many believed positive effects, red coral is said to have healing qualities. Put on that red coral! The ascendants that benefits the most for wearing a red coral gemstone are Scorpio, Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Leo and Pisces. It can be worn with a talisman set of gold or silver. Little finger. Ring Dream Explanation — In a dream, a ring represents peace, tranquillity, authority, a wife, a child, or a job, the reward of which will equal the value and size of the gemstone which is placed on it. It's better for you to wear quartz and coral ring on this finger. Been nervous to give your number to that cute guy at work? To Know, methods of wearing a Red coral Gemstone based on astrology benefits. The ancient god Mars is believed to have been more pragmatic than some of his other immortal counterparts. The Red Coral is the lord of 5th house which organizes your brain and mental activities. Last Modified On: The profits of gemstones for getting change well being have been affirmed for a considerable length of time. Jupiter controls the index finger (the finger next to the thumb). However, Red coral found under a seawater depth of 500 Feet in the shape of leafless bushes. While wearing it on the right middle finger means the tendency to look to others to provide guidance. Oct 11, 2013, Subscribe to our Newsletter for special offers, new blog posts and exclusive deals, Sales: Mon-Sun 9:30am - 11:30pm IST Support: Mon-Sat 9:30am - 6:30pm IST, Copyright © 2020 - All Rights Reserved, Marine skeleton, Spicules of Calcium Carbonate. The ring should be worn on the ring or index finger of the right hand. What are the benefits of wearing Red Coral stone? Sporting a gem such as this is thought by some to literally enhance the confidence of the wearer.
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