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The address on file for this person is 805 Mallory Drive, Panama City, FL 32405 in Bay County. Our last name is Lyons and our farm is on Lion rd… we named our place the Lyons Den on Lion rd! They meant to say ducky chickens but it came out clucky dickens instead. I had a picture of beautiful lush winter rye grasses in the Pasture on my bulletin board in my office. We are retiring stock brokers, so we named the farm Black Shoals. “We get questions from people in Africa or Sweden on how to do certain things. Then came the rabbits and the ducks and the canning and the soap making…..and I never would have guessed how much I would love it all. “We’re in this to be self-sufficient.”. I started calling our place “Peace in Paradise”. One of their favorite gifts was a gift certificate for a cooking class. Savanna Kaiser/Rural Missouri Kevin, Grace, Samantha and Sarah Matthews relocated from Arizona to the Ozarks in 2016 to live their homesteading dream. From there It became Iron Co o.p (most of the members ex military or associated with military). Sarah says, “We knocked on the door, hoping to see our old bedrooms and see how the new owners re-did the place. The original name of our blog was Little House on the Hundred Acre Wood after Little House on the Prairie and Winnie the Pooh, which are two of our favorites, but that’s a long name and we needed to find something a little shorter. Sarah and her roommates went back to the house to see how it had changed. This was a very fun read! 21.3k Followers, 149 Following, 560 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kevin & Sarah (@living_traditions) There are over 15 tradition-starter ideas here, as well as tradition-building books for you to read for further inspiration. Feel free to share your story in the comments. The couple settled on 16 acres near Ava, along with their two daughters, Grace and Samantha. Our hill (street) we live on, is know in the own as B hill, because a B use to be on the hill before a doctor bought the land and built his house in it. Looks pretty cool! “For homesteaders, it’s probably never been as possible before now. Now, they share it with thousands on the “Living Traditions Homestead” YouTube channel. Living Traditions Homestead is creating videos about homesteading, food independence and self-reliance! Kevin speaks truth regardless of politics. This provides a great chance for followers to meet them in person. It’s Perfectly Okay If You Don’t Free Range Your Chickens, 058: Smart Homesteaders Pay Attention…and Prepare Accordingly, Farmhouse Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, 71: Christmas Traditions – a celebration of ideas, Slow Hatch: Don’t Turn Off the Incubator Just Yet, When You Get the Homestead Life You Wanted, 118: RAQ #7 – missing the city, working fulltime, too many roos, meat bird terms, life is nuts, 117: 25+ tips to help you get through winter. “For a long time, we both worked high-pressure, corporate jobs,” Kevin says. Jenn from Little House on the 100 Farm explains: We chose the name Little House on the 100 Farm because we love Little House on the Prairie and we have 100 acres. (567) Originally aired in France, fans in the US can watch European survivalists take on the original NAKED AND AFRAID challenge (no French required) with NAKED AND AFRAID: FOREIGN EXCHANGE. We needed labels for the cartons so we did “104” and the 0 was shaped like an egg. “Homestead Dream… er”. Last year, they went down to three videos a week, which now allows them to do longer in-depth segments. I love it! “We did a series on meat chickens, comparing two different breeds, week by week. Whenever we’d go up there as a family he’d look around and say, “Big, muddy rocks, Mommy!” It got to the point that whenever we were on the road and getting close to the property he’d holler out in his little toddler voice, “Mommy! With their help and expertise, The Homestead Senior Living has grown to include independent living cottages, assisted living, a specialized memory care facility, and a home health and hospice agency. Soon, other people started showing up to watch and learn alongside of us.”. Whether you already have your own meaningful family traditions, or your family is new and you need some inspiration to create some, these resources can help. “It’s the best decision we ever made.”. They said their vows under a canopy of towering oak trees while their friends and family looked on. My husband and I bought 110 acres of riverfront for a self-sustaining ho,mestead. Climate: We have a long growing season which—many times—allows us to raise three successive crops. We named our homestead The 104 Homestead when we started selling eggs at the local grocer. We found out that it used to be called Spring Lake Farm back in the 50’s, which makes it even better. Add to that, my friend was stunned that my husband and I would take on this new adventure of buying a ranch when we were just turning 60! It has been kept in the family, but has been rented out for years. While the YouTube channel has been successful for the family, their reasons for doing the educational videos haven’t changed, Kevin says. EDIS stands for, Every Day Is Saturday.. We are just in the process of starting our farm. We got a lot of great feedback from that,” says Kevin. The sun was shining bright for a beautiful September wedding! It describes our farm and pays homage to my Scots heritage. And We're About the have babies! They’ve also done a series on raising meat rabbits, including different ways to raise, butcher and cook them. I have a flare for everything French & romantic so we named our place Partridge & Hare Fermier for the rabbits & quail we raise which will always be staples at our growing homestead. We are getting older and living in a small home in the city is probably the best for us since we are close to stores and hospitals. Liz from The Cape Coop shares: We never intended to start a homestead. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Living Traditions Homestead is the small family farm run by Kevin & Sarah in the Missouri Ozarks. Have you named your homestead? It was originally 160 acres with a flour mill and then a distillery was built by my GGGG grandfather. My great grandparents renovated it and retired there for a short time before my GGma got sick and they moved to be nearer to her hospital..
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