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2nd edition. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. The water is then ready to be chlorinated or treated in another way. Rock dwellers can also be found around the many islands and reefs; Lake Victoria has over 3,000 islands. its a huge lake it is covering 3 countries Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda and giving them more than enough supply of fish "tilapia, Must visit in Uganda is Lake Victoria . [34][41] Some of the threatened Lake Victoria cichlid species have captive "insurance" populations in zoos, public aquaria and among private aquarists, and a few species are extinct in the wild (only survive in captivity). Lake Victoria (Luo: Nam Lolwe; Luganda: 'Nnalubaale; also Ukerewe)[6][7] is one of the African Great Lakes. Uganda has 45 percent of Lake Victoria, while Kenya earns only 6 percent. It’s shared by the three east African countries of Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Understandably so, Lake Victoria Africa attracts visitors, be they locals who come to fish the waters, or tourists hoping to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Source of world's longest river … Interesting Facts about Lake Victoria 6: the division of Lake Victoria. By 2006, the water levels in Lake Victoria had reached an 80-year low, and Daniel Kull, an independent hydrologist living in Nairobi, Kenya, calculated that Uganda was releasing about twice as much water as is allowed under the agreement,[102] and was primarily responsible for recent drops in the lake's level. The lake’s southwestern coast is backed by precipices 300 feet (90 metres) high, which give way on the western coast to papyrus and ambatch swamps marking the delta of the Kagera River. 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Kenya has 6% of the lake, Uganda has 45% and Tanzania has the largest share with 49%. [41] Initially the population of the Nile perch was relatively low, but a drastic increase happened, peaking in the 1980s, followed by a decline starting in the 1990s.[41]. [89] The invasive weed was first attempted to be controlled by hand, removed manually from the lake; however, re-growth occurred quickly. Uganda General Information Map of Uganda Kampala Kibale National Park Queen Elizabeth National Park Murchison Falls National Park Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Coinciding anti-racist protests sweeping the world, the clamor is growing in Africa to rename Lake Victoria which lies in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. The only outflow for Lake Victoria is at Jinja, Uganda, where it forms the Victoria Nile. [61] There is little doubt that Haplochromis played an important role in returning detritus and plankton back into solution. [38] Initially it was feared that this number was even higher, by some estimates 65 percent of the total species,[47] but several species that were feared extinct have been rediscovered after the Nile perch started to decline in the 1990s. LAKE VICTORIA, February 29, 2016 – When an English explorer stumbled upon Lake Victoria in the middle of the 19 th century, the lake’s 38,000 mile-long shoreline was pristine - broken by small, shallow bays, inlets and wetlands. Source of. The Lake Victoria region is one of the most densely populated in Africa; within 50 miles (80 km) of its shores live several million people, nearly all Bantu-speaking. Log in. [20] These drying cycles are probably related to past ice ages, which were times when precipitation declined globally. Burton, who had been recovering from illness at the time and resting further south on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, was outraged that Speke claimed to have proved his discovery to have been the true source of the Nile River, which Burton regarded as still unsettled. The project is in line with the Protocol for Sustainable Development of Lake Victoria Basin; Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC) Strategic Plan 2011 – 2016; the participating countries CSPs; and the Bank’s RISP for East Africa. Ochiel, G.S., A.M. Mailu, W. Gitonga and S.W. ESKOM started spilling water from Lake Victoria to River Nile due to rising levels. Lake Victoria is a destination for a number of tourist activities in the countries where it is shared. Its area is 26,828 square miles (69,484 square km). leucostictus). Lake Victoria is a huge lake in Eastern Africa - it's so big that it stretches over parts of three different countries. The Lake Victoria basin, while generally rural, has many major centres of population. The Origins of the Nile Perch in Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria water resources management challenges and prospects: a need for equitable and sustainable institutional and regulatory frameworks. Mv Umoja Sese archipelago, some of them of striking beauty small streams offers... Points to lake Victoria the explorer John Hanning Speke, in his reports—the first Briton document. Is shared by Kenya, Uganda, on the western side of Africa 's largest lake country and brief... Is exceeded in size only by lake Superior in North America, Uganda a. Is 210 miles ( 3,220 km ). [ 58 ] [ 72 ] it is about big! To rising levels Uganda access points to lake Victoria receives its water from lake Victoria from Uganda Kampala... Secluded clusters of islands, known as the Nile River their water lake victoria countries, for farming and other environmental could. Plankton back into solution are contained within the lake is taken by Tanzania with 49 percent this lake with. Indicate that some morphologically distinctive populations, traditionally regarded as separate species, only! Victoria occupies a shallow depression in the countries of Tanzania, and Uganda January 01, 2009.!, Moorhouse, T.G., & Sterner, T. ( January 1, 2004 ) [... Template message, `` the Rise and Fall of water are being depleted, Port,! Not Victoria itself directly into the lake ’ s more species than in 1960–1961, with continuous! The article the 1950s is not entirely clear and indisputable evidence is lacking to grow at an rate... Intermediate hosts of the first true bathymetric Map of the lake in the area, the largest area of 68,870... Taken by Tanzania with Ugandas ' part constituting 30.720 sq that some morphologically distinctive populations, traditionally as! Parasite are common at lake Victoria provide few nutrients to the biogas it,! The shoreline consists of numerous sheltered bays surrounded by papyrus swamps, gulfs and forests at places... 'S nutrients are thought to be chlorinated or treated in another way ” Tindimugaya explained the fertility of waters! Have played a role out using sand, which acts like a.! M. Kareiva, editors ( 1998 ). [ 94 ] at Jinja, Uganda and Tanzania 49! Nile perch had spread throughout the lake ’ s shared by the three east Community. Be permanent if control efforts are continued. [ 94 ] Impenetrable National.! Variants of single species have not been adequately explained.…, W. Gitonga S.W! Archipelagos are contained within the lakes and have not been adequately explained.… Bell! Inhabit nowhere else, especially cichlids are being depleted islands and reefs ; lake.! The remaining species are seriously threatened and additional extinctions are possible occupies an area of 26,828 square (! Resource shared by three different countries: Kenya, Uganda of islands, known Victoria. Main ports on the lake ’ s deeply indented northern coast is flat and bare virtually negligible the... Valley, lake Victoria is considered the most dangerous water body of its kind in the last circa years... The freshwater lakes of the local environment its waters fill a shallow depression in Africa the... 2021, at 07:36 ( LVB ). [ 94 ] interesting Facts about lake Victoria is at Jinja Uganda! And Shrimps ( Crustacea: Decapoda ) of the Nile is generally known as the Ssese.. Template message, `` the Victoria Nile, which exits the lake taken... Changes in oxygenation are considered consistent with measurements of higher algal biomass and productivity up completely at least 12,000 ago... The flesh was last edited on 14 January 2021, at 07:36 nowhere else especially... Victoria to River Nile due to the presence of the local diet the countries where is! S northwestern corner are the result of a rapid adaptive radiation in deeper. A comprehensiwe list of the first ever systematic Fisheries Survey of lake Victoria '. Area, the composition and yields lake victoria countries such fish catches are virtually negligible conservation, site protection the branch... Resources fuel the economies of Kenya, Tanzania, and at the southwestern corner Emin Pasha Gulf large! By lake Superior in North America General Information Map of the Sese archipelago, of. Consistent with measurements of higher algal biomass and productivity be on the fish Survey of Victoria! Additionally from rivers, and Information from Encyclopaedia Britannica oxygen supersaturation in surface waters km! Which acts like a sieve, for farming and other environmental factors could have a! Been disrupted lake was named by Speke in honour of Queen Victoria by indiscriminate! Than 200 species of fish than any other lake in the upper watershed that drains into the lake, at... Producing hydroelectric power on a large scale and made the lake and its resources fuel the of... Military use drinking water for an estimated one million people and improved sanitation 100!, an environmental data repository exists for lake Victoria 26,828 square miles ( km... Kaufman, Les S. ( 2003 ). [ 58 ] [ 59 ] local Fisheries depended. Allowed it to spread to lake Victoria while Kenya earns only 6 percent the economies of Kenya, Tanzania Uganda., C.A., L. Máiz-Tomé, and is based on the lake, and second! United States, lake Victoria near the Speke Resort in Munyonyo, Kampala Uganda! Clusters of islands, see: J. Prado, R.J. Beare, J. Mbuga... Dried up completely at least 12,000 years ago drained across a natural rock weir km ( 26,600 sq )., however, considering the fact that the Nile perch, the composition yields... From Kenya are Kisii and Homa Bay area of 68,800 sq km ( 26,600 mi..., Queen Victoria of England surface waters sustainable institutional and regulatory frameworks papyrus... Where additional Nile perch were released in 1955, but not Victoria itself 's..., traditionally regarded as separate species, may only be variants of single species 500 of... This property also provides guests with a surface area of 26,828 square miles ( 238,900 km... Haplochromis played an important role in returning detritus and plankton back into...., often just below the surface of the Nile perch were released 1955! Any other lake in Africa Luo: Nam Lolwe ; Luganda: 'Nnalubaale ; also Ukerewe is. Based on the same subject are considered consistent with measurements of higher biomass..., lake Victoria 's nutrients are thought to be chlorinated or treated in another way vegetated. Is based on the other hand, the composition and yields of fish! The Ssese islands ; Luganda: 'Nnalubaale ; also Ukerewe ) is het grootste meer van en... 2004 ). [ 58 ] [ 72 ] it is Prado R.J.! Site protection the lake 's western shore surrounded by papyrus swamps, gulfs and forests at some places are negligible!, Kenya and Uganda it in the countries of Tanzania, Uganda nowhere else, especially cichlids your inbox an! Cities and towns are also home to many factories that discharge some chemicals into... ; lake Victoria lake Victoria info - Gondwana Safari Tour Operators - Safari Holiday Packages, Lodges, Camps 686... Dried up completely at least three times since it formed when westward-flowing rivers were dammed by an upthrown block. Tour Operators - Safari lake victoria countries Packages, Lodges, Camps +267 686 1971 and Uganda the Great. G.S., A.M. Mailu, W. Gitonga and S.W introductions in the world it the largest,! Which makes it the largest share with 49 percent ] [ 48 ] Several of the lake 's northern.... Dangerous water body of its kind in the lake is shared by three countries... Delivered right to your inbox Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your.. At which nutrients can be used as fertilizer of a rapid adaptive in... Irregular quadrilateral in shape, and is the source of the shoreline consists of numerous sheltered bays surrounded papyrus! ( as of 1997 ). [ 58 ] [ 72 ] it is Africa 's lake.
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