Being a very busy entrepreneur, its time saving if you get the experts to do the specialised jobs for you, more so if they are one-time-get-them-done jobs. For regular repetitive work though, you can save cost by learning to do it yourself. Our training services are geared to cater to this need.

A good model would be to get the experts do it for you once and then you follow in their footsteps through proper training. Another way is to learn the process and method from the experts and implement it yourself under periodic review and guidance from the experts. Whichever model you would like to follow, we can have it tailor made for you!

  • How to test your own application/ product
  • How to maintain/ add content to your wordpress website
  • How to create your own website
  • How to create your own mailing list, surveys, webinars, web conferences, paypal accounts
  • How to create a Facebook page and use it effectively through content planning and ads
  • How to constantly tweak your website for SEO using Google analytics, adwords and content management